Be aware of what your body is telling you

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In my experience your body is like a bellwether.  It can tell you all sorts about what is happening with you if you are aware enough to get the message.

The Throat Area – what are you wanting to say?

In this blog post I will explain something about the throat area.  I used to teach a certain type of yoga to large classes and I shared everything I had learnt either with snippets during class or through workshops every two weeks.  My students loved it as I didn’t just talk about the physical, I explained what I knew about the emotional and even the spiritual.  Everything is connected whether we realise it yet or not.  I never held back and people just kept coming for more.  

My life moved on, I went to live in another country and I stopped teaching for a while.  In that period of my life I concentrated on studying the subject of consciousness and had such a huge shift in my own that when I went back to teaching for other studios my voice would not be strong and I would have to cough and clear my throat again and again.  Very embarrassing! 

One of the students who was also a friend asked me why I had to keep doing that and I realised what was possibly the cause.  I felt that it may be because they were not my students, I was stopping myself from sharing my newer experiences that I not only was having with my own body but I was witnessing with clients in other body classes I had been teaching.  In other words I wasn’t being the real me, I wasn’t teaching from my heart anymore – I was teaching someone else’s truth and not what was now true for me. 

To put it simply, the throat area is directly in the middle of the head and the heart.  Perhaps my head was telling me to continue teaching in the way I was “supposed” to but my heart wanted to share the bigger picture and was telling me to do something quite different.  I wasn’t listening to the truth of me, my heart – hence the voice was weak and my throat choking on my words. 

There is so much more that affects the body than simply diet and exercise and what you “should and shouldn’t” do.  I hope to impart some of that in Barefoot Bodeez.  It may give you insight to your own body and its messages to you.

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