What can you do if you have fallen by the wayside with your fitness routine?

Shoes on a beach - small steps lead to big changes

Let’s face it – even the most avid fitness fanatics have probably done this at some time or another!    I know I certainly have.  This demise of your good intentions can often occur when there is an outside influence of some kind that breaks your routine.  

As a yoga teacher I have witnessed this many times.  Even the keenest of students have failed to return after a two week holiday for example.  When I have been travelling overseas this has often been the catalyst to very easily slip away from my yoga practice.  It can start off as a couple of days or so, only to increase into weeks, months and in some cases even years! 

So what can you do in these circumstances to get back to your healthy habit?  

Well the first thing I would suggest to do is to stop feeling guilty or ashamed – these are negative emotions and will not serve you or your body in any way.  Instead be kind to yourself.  Rather than flinging yourself into a relentless and punishing routine which can very easily cause you not to continue, if practicing in your home it may be best to start off with an easy short practice in which you can be in the moment and actually enjoy, and then make incremental changes and increases to your routine.

Benefits and changes come when you are totally present – if you are wanting the class to end as soon as possible you are definitely NOT being present and therefore not getting the benefits you deserve from your practice.  Increases in the number of postures can be done daily or even weekly depending on your circumstances and your body.  This is the method that works best for me and I actually look forward to my practice this way instead of thinking it as a chore.  

If you are someone who prefers to go to a class you can still choose to go easy on yourself as you start up again.  This will ensure more longevity with your practice rather than a short burst of enthusiasm that wanes easily that you end up back on the couch judging yourself again!

Small steps can make big changes and get you back on track!

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