Tree Pose

Tree pose Bikram Yoga

Balancing on one leg can be a bit of a challenge until you get that muscle memory going but the rewards are wonderful! Here’s a few tips that I know will help. Gaze at a spot in front of you to get a focus and stand on your left leg and lock it.  Imagine your leg rooting down in to the ground to feel more balanced.  Then bend your right leg and grab the right foot and place it from the ankle as high up as you can on the left thigh.  Make sure you always take care of your knee especially if you have had an injury.  The image shows the ideal position but whatever you can do at this time is fine.  if you feel ready to let go of the foot you can place your hands in prayer position.  Whilst in the posture, ensure your shoulders are open and level as well as your hips.  Open up the chest and if your knees are Ok, over time you can start to drop the bent leg down so both knees will also be level.  Stand strong and still for a lovely moment of relaxation.  Shake out your legs and repeat on the other leg.


  • Improves flexibility of ankle, knee and hip joints
  • Fabulous for your posture
  • Improves balance allowing relaxation
  • Strengthens buttocks and stomach
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