The Truth of you is not limited

palm trees water and mountains

Barefoot Bodeez is very aptly named to imply that you should be able to experience ease in your body (in fact it is your Divine Right) and the Barefoot part represents that it should be simple. I have found the simpler way always gives me a greater result! BB would therefore like to introduce you to a path to create your ideal body but maybe not in the way you may have tried in the past. I invite you to discover the Truth of who you really are which is way more than you are probably aware of in this moment.  Everything in this universe is linked – you are connected to all in the Cosmos – you would not be alive if you were not! In fact your heart would not beat if this were not so. 

Once you realise you have a Cosmic Self and apply different “rules” you will see your body and your fitness in a whole different light.  In spiritual circles you will often hear the Higher Self being talked about, however in my opinion there seems to be a very much more connected experience if you call it your Presence or your I AM Presence or your Mighty I AM Presence – as those words are very powerful.  Your human self is extremely limited and therefore if you are only aware of your limited self you will only experience limitation and that includes results in your body. This subject is huge and this new awareness is not achieved overnight! Your human self may kick up a bit of a fuss about being pushed to the sidelines and you may find you resist like crazy! After all it’s been in charge of you forever and will be feeling a bit miffed! Not to worry though – this is perfectly natural and the sooner you start to embrace your Presence the sooner things will change favourably for you.

Are you willing to let go of control of your body and leave it up to your Cosmic Self to create your best body? It could be the most enjoyable way if you do!

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