Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

Girl doing Standing Separate leg Stretching Pose

Ah my favourite pose of all!  It feels so delicious when you just let yourself surrender and hang in there at the start of this posture.  It is also easier for beginners to step as wide as possible. Keep your feet pigeon-toed and keep the weight on the heels  Once more advanced if your head touches the floor already, you can narrow the gap between the legs to give yourself more of a challenge.  The aim is to straighten the legs and get the back straight rather than rounded.  Once you’ve allowed your body to drop forward naturally grab the heels and then pull bringing the upper body closer to the legs if you can.  If you cannot grab the heels yet put your hands on the floor, try bending your elbows and roll forward slightly.  Lift the head up ie look forward rather than back and keep the spine straight for as long as possible.  Consciously relax the buttocks.  Success in this posture relies on relaxation.


  • Assists with relief from sciatica
  • Works the internal organs especially the intestines – favourite pose for them
  • Great for lower back and the back of knees
  • Reduces abdominal fat
  • Refreshes the brain

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