Standing Head to Knee Pose

Standing head to knee Bikram Yoga pose

You really get your money’s worth with Bikram postures!  There’s so much that goes on with each one hence the detailed instruction.  Each posture has you firing on all cylinders – there’s just no escape!  In this one yet again, not only do you practice balancing on one leg, you have to muster up determination and concentration to make that happen. This enhanced mind / body connection then obviously has a beneficial effect on your endeavors outside the yoga room.  

On the physical side, as you need to engage the core for strength in this posture, it tightens up that tummy which is always a plus point and obviously the legs, arms and back muscles are all strengthened.  It’s great for improving flexibility of the sciatic nerves, and cleanses, flushes out and massages many of your internal organs including the colon.  

The beauty with any posture is that you don’t have to get into the final posture before you get any benefit, the posture meets you wherever you are, as long as you are making the most effort you can at that time. Improvement comes with repetition to increase that muscle memory.  

Here are some tips to help with the wobble factor!:

  • Make sure the standing knee is locked and if necessary imagine your leg having roots going right down into the ground – this helps instantly to feel stronger.  
  • Fix your gaze on one spot in front of you to calm the mind and increase determination and concentration.
  • Even though you are standing on only one leg your body weight still needs to be distributed as if you were on two legs.  
  • Pull in those core muscles before you go – this is a must to gain the strength you need for this posture.
  • Work at getting an even grip on each side of the foot of the leg to be extended before you kick out, remembering to keep the foot straight and not twisted to one side.
  • Only attempt kicking the other leg out once you have the perfect base on your standing leg (locked knee) or all your efforts will be futile!
  • Once the second leg has been extended keep kicking that heel away from you, flexing the foot toward you, this will increase the strengthening of the legs and help you keep your balance.
  • Ensure that your extended leg is at right angles ie not too high or low, imagine an upside down “L” shape.
  • If you are going towards the full expression ie head to the knee, move your gaze slowly to the floor first and if still balanced, slowly bring your head to your knee.  Your elbows can then hug the sides of the extended leg and even go a little below.  
  • If you manage all this, you are a master!  It’s quite some feat!

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