Barefoot Bodeez Newbie 1 Hour Class – in your own home


One hour Barefoot Bodeez Newbie Yoga Class at home.

With this class, the Bikram Series is divided into 4 balanced lessons after which you will have practised all 26 postures. This means that the pace is much slower than a normal Bikram class with longer relaxation time between postures. This allows for a greater understanding of the poses and the importance of correct alignment.  This is a great base to start especially if you are a total beginner, before moving on to Barefoot Bodeez Bikram Full Series – 1 Set class.

You may find a private class allows you to be totally present and experience increased awareness of your body which can bring faster progress in the long run.

This class can be for yourself only or for up to 3 people.

This class is a fabulous introduction to one of the most popular types of yoga whether you are a complete beginner or just wish to ease yourself in gently!

It is also great for someone who has stopped their practice for a long time and wish to build up more gradually to a full class.  May I say it is also very enjoyable especially as you will easily be able to monitor your progress.

As this class is practiced in your own home you have the choice whether you wish to use heat or not.  In either case, please ensure you are well hydrated before class.

Before purchasing online please contact me on 07797 787 233 or email me from this website to discuss when to schedule, registration or for more information.