Barefoot Bodeez Full Body Sculpt – the Easier Way


This one hour class covers slow(ish) intentional simple movements and uncomplicated postures that are very effective and relaxing at the same time.   

With a private class you may experience greater concentration and focus with more awareness and understanding.  I will also teach you how your thoughts and feelings can change your experience very rapidly.

This class can be for yourself only or for up to 3 people.

If you’ve never done any type of yoga before or you prefer a workout that uses simple but very effective movements and postures this class may be the one for you.  Movements are done slowly and there is a short relaxation in between postures.  I do this workout myself and I love it!  Every part of the body can be toned up with simplicity when practiced with focus and awareness.  It does not have to be complicated to be effective.

This class is ideal for total beginners or to get you out of couch potato mode!  In my opinion it is very enjoyable and effective.

Before purchasing online please contact me on 07797 787 233 or email me from this website to discuss when to schedule, registration or for more information.