Barefoot Bodeez Bikram Full Series – 1 Set in 1 Hour – in your own home


This one hour class covers 1 set of all 26 Bikram Yoga postures and is faster paced than the BB Newbie Class.

With a private class you may experience greater concentration and focus with more awareness and understanding.  I will also teach you how your thoughts and feelings can change your experience very rapidly.

This class can be for yourself only or for up to 3 people.

As this class covers all 26 of the famous Bikram postures every part of your body inside and out will be worked out.  As with all Barefoot Bodeez classes I will include ways to get the best out of your practice so that no effort is wasted.

As this class is practiced in your own home you have the choice whether you wish to use heat or not.  In either case, please ensure you are well hydrated before class.  

Before purchasing online please contact me on 07797 787 233 or email me from this website to discuss when to schedule, registration or for more information.