If you want freedom in the body then take your attention OFF the body!

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Barefoot Bodeez does not claim to fix anything but what it tries to do is to invite a shift in a person’s consciousness so that change can take place at the point where the problem started and that is in the consciousness of the individual.  In that regard, the following statement changed my world:

If you want freedom in the body then take your attention OFF the body!   

Wow – when I heard that for the first time, as a yoga teacher for decades that really blew my mind.  However they say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and in this case I found out that this is the truth. My whole life has been a fascination with the body so I was constantly studying everything I could about it.  However when I started studying more about consciousness I realised that everything we experience in our bodies is a direct result of our consciousness ( ie what we think, believe or even project).  When that changes, the body experience becomes a whole different ball game!  Not one to take anything I learn or read at face value, I have to put everything to the test, not once or twice but hundreds of times until I am convinced.  And so I started experimenting with this and I was amazed at the results.  

I mentioned before that the Higher Self of us (called The Presence) is actually the creator of the body.  I was told to take the attention off the body and put it on the creator of the body instead.  So I did – in a Bikram Yoga class – wow wow wow what a difference!  Now I am totally convinced this is the way to go and I now include this in my teaching as it made such a difference to me.

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