Full Locust Pose

Full locust pose Bikram Yoga

The third one of the Fab Four, this is one of my favorite postures and concentrates on working the middle spine.  After the challenging Half Locust pose, I feel this is actually easier.  The best thing to do is to prepare before you go to give yourself more power to work this posture.  Glue your legs together and with your arms like aeroplane wings, take a big inhale and take off!  Lift your face up and look up.  There is a quote “Where your eyes go your body will follow” so if you want the body to stay lifted up you have to look up to direct the energy.  Once up there you will be balancing on your hip bones.  This posture also strengthens and firms the arms, the glutes, hips and the leg muscles.  It also stimulates the digestive system and other internal organs, as well as opening up the rib cage.

More tips:

  • Make sure you continue to breathe – there is no power to hold the posture if you hold your breath.
  • The tendency is to open the legs to lift them higher but it is more beneficial if you only raise them as far as they stay together – you will definitely feel the difference if you do this.
  • Lift the arms so that your fingertips are level with the head and look up to stay up!
  • Come back down slowly and controlled – no crash landings!
  • Enjoy and stay still in your 20 seconds Savasana and just let the fresh new blood flow back into the muscles and organs – bliss!
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