Fixed Firm Pose

Fixed Firm Pose Bikram Yoga

This is one of those postures that you either love or loathe and that usually depends on how flexible your joints are in this moment particularly the knees and ankles.  Again repetition is key to increase movement and get the muscle memory going.  Take it easy if you are unable to get the body down on to the floor yet.  It can take quite a while in some cases and every body is different.  I do not believe in forcing yourself into any posture – that is the ego acting up!  In my humble opinion the way to go is to allow your body to SLOWLY lead you and make sure you pay attention to when you need to stop. Slow and sure is the way to go.  However never give up – everything is possible.  There is so much more I could talk about on this subject but I will leave that for later blog posts.

This posture again works at increasing joint flexibility in all areas, stimulates the lymphatic and adrenal systems and so much more.  You can feel those legs just stretching out too – heaven!

More tips:

  • Sit on your heels to start and then open them to let your bottom touch the floor in between.  Keep the heels next to the sides of your body.  
  • With each hand on each heel slowly lower placing one elbow on the floor and then the other.  Relax the head back.
  • Exhaling let the shoulders move gently to the floor.
  • Keep the knees touching the floor (as they will try and raise up) and if needs be open the legs as far as is necessary to accommodate that.
  • If you can get all the way down you can continue the posture by bringing your arms around your head and grasping each elbow. Relax!
  • The lower back will be arched off the floor, just shoulders and buttocks touching.
  • As you get more flexible you can start to bring the knees together and curl the toes under the buttocks. 
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