Cobra Pose

Cobra pose Bikram Yoga

The first of the “Fab Four” a.k.a. the Awesome Foursome!  These four postures together work every part of the back.  

Lying down on your stomach the focus is making the muscles of the back work as you lift the upper body off the floor.  To give you that strength, as usual, prepare before you go by glueing your body from the waist down onto the floor, keeping the legs strong and together and pointing the toes.  Also the arms should be close to the body, with your hands just under the shoulders and elbows tucked nicely next to the body.  Lift up arching the spine and bring your head back (this does wonders getting rid of a double chin!) The small of the back releases bringing flexibility to your lower back.  This also tones your legs and buttocks as an added bonus.

Other tips:

  • When you first start you will be using the hands to push off with but as the back strengthens you will be able to use only the back muscles.  Give that one a go once you’ve got the hang of the posture.
  • Make sure you breathe throughout – if you hold your breath you will have no energy to do the posture.
  • Ensure the shoulders stay relaxed and down as there is a tendency to hunch them.
  • Elbows should stay close to the body for more strength. 
  • Come down slowly using control rather than just flop back down.
  • This posture works practically everything inside and out.  Naturally it strengthens and makes the back more flexible, tones the arms and legs, and lifts the buttocks.  Internally it stimulates the abdominal area, the kidneys and the digestive and reproductive organs.  
  • Enjoy your relaxation after the spine compression to let fresh new blood enter into the area.
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