Change your body? What if choice was the start?

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I once went to an investment seminar and although the content was all about being financially free, I came away with a great confirmation about what happens or doesn’t happen with our bodies!   Because my main focus in my life has always been working out what makes us tick and particularly why some people get results with physical exercise and some don’t, my ears are always pinned back for any information that I can glean to add to what I have been learning or experiencing myself.

 The speaker was young and full of life. He was talking about trading forex and obviously trying to convince people to take responsibility for their financial situation.  He had found success with trading for himself and was sharing his experience when he came out with an absolute gem.  Without doubt I knew I could interpret that the same concept applied to the physical body.  

He said:  “If you don’t choose your life, someone else will choose it for you”.

Wow – ding ding I realised instantly that there was another message to me on how to explain my own teaching and bodily experiences.  The mass consciousness appears to be that at a certain age this happens, and then this and then that, and then it’s all downhill from here! This is actually an example of someone choosing your body for you if you buy that as true!  It’s subtle but it’s there all the same. 

Having been a teacher of yoga and body classes for many years the first thing I notice is that almost everyone I have ever met believes they and the lives they lead are the effect of their body.  What if that was not true, what if your thoughts and feelings could be the cause? So is that part of the secret of creating your ideal body for you?  What if the first thing you should do is actually choose to have it?  What a concept!  Perhaps you have more control over transforming your body than you think!

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