Standing head to knee Bikram Yoga pose
Standing Head to Knee Pose
You really get your money’s worth with Bikram postures!  There’s so much that goes on with each one hence the detailed instruction.  Each posture has you firing on all cylinders – there’s...
Tree pose Bikram Yoga
Tree Pose
Balancing on one leg can be a bit of a challenge until you get that muscle memory going but the rewards are wonderful! Here’s a few tips that I know will help. Gaze at a spot in front of you to get a...
Balancing stick pose Bikram yoga
Balancing Stick Pose
One of the shortest postures in the Bikram Series but for most people this is one of the most challenging. Who would have thought that holding this final position for just 10 seconds could pack such a...
Wind removing yoga pose
Wind Removing Pose
After the lovely relief of a two minute floor savasana if in a full on Bikram Class now it’s time for this stimulating posture.  It’s great for relieving a bloated stomach! Lying down on the floor...
Girl doing Standing Separate leg Stretching Pose
Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose
Ah my favourite pose of all!  It feels so delicious when you just let yourself surrender and hang in there at the start of this posture.  It is also easier for beginners to step as wide as possible. Keep...
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