Awkward Pose

Awkward Pose Bikram Yoga

I love the name of this posture – it says it all really as it is a bit awkward to do but the benefits are many.  It’s worth the effort as it really strengthens the abdomen and legs and helps flush out that pesky cellulite!  Circulation is also increased in the feet and toes.  It is fabulous for your posture and of course your concentration and focus.  

There are three parts to this posture – in the first part the feet are flat on the floor, the second part is more challenging with the heels and knees raised.  The third part you lift up halfway on the toes and with your knees squeezed together you bend the knees until your buttocks are just above the heels – balance there – quite challenging!  

More tips:

  • Keep your focus on one spot in front of you – you are going to need it!
  • It is important to keep your shoulders relaxed and to lock your elbows to keep your arms strong which helps with balance. 
  • Ensure your legs and arms are aligned throughout or the benefits will be lost. 
  • In the first part, your feet are flat on the floor and the weight should be on the heels.  Endeavor to push your spine backwards to straighten the back as much as possible.  
  • Always suck your stomach in to strengthen the core throughout the posture.
  • In the second part, try lifting the heels higher and lift the knees slightly, keeping the back as straight as possible.  Stomach pulled in to add strength.
  • For the third part, lift your heels up halfway and squeezing the knees together imagine sliding down an imaginary wall until your buttocks are just above your heels.  The slower you go the harder it is but this increases the effects.
  • Always take care of your knees and never push if uncomfortable.
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