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Hello, Beverley here – founder of Barefoot Bodeez. Having first practiced yoga from the age of 16 in my bedroom, self taught from several yoga books to becoming a Bikram Yoga Teacher in 1997, I have to say yoga has always been a constant in my life!

However, I did not stop there.  My life’s path lead me to travel extensively around the world and study much more about how our consciousness has a direct effect on our body and being.  That was the reason Barefoot Bodeez was born.  

Welcome to BB!

I hope you will find some of the info interesting and helpful to you.  Everything I write about has come from my personal experience and should not be deemed as medical advice.  I can only share what I found to be true for me.   I have always been a seeker and probably always will be.  Beliefs change as your awareness and consciousness shifts – there is always so much more to discover and explore… Nothing is set in stone – life is an adventure and if you are open to receiving more the universe will definitely provide it!  

One such receiving was a sudden interest in art and creativity.  Having never been creative before this was quite a surprise.  Now I cannot stop!  I have created lots of yoga themed designs which are available on hundreds of products for your home, apparel, tech or as gifts.  You can check them out by clicking HERE.  

You may also like to check out BB’s yoga mats, the artwork is also designed by myself and the mats are supplied by Pixels. You can get more info by clicking HERE.

I have also created yoga planners and journals for yoga teachers and students alike.  I think they are fun and a great way to log your progress and assist in creating classes.  They are available at Amazon by entering Barefoot Bodeez and / or Barefoot Bodeez Art in the search bar.   You can also access some journals directly from this site page.  I hope you find them useful!

If you are interested in my art products you may like to check out my other site barefootbodeezart.com where you will find access to fun, colourful and uplifting artwork, cards and other products for you and your home.  If you live in Jersey you will probably find me at the local artisan markets as listed on the website.



barefoot bodeez yoga mat designs
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