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What can you do if you have fallen by the wayside with your fitness routine?
Let’s face it – even the most avid fitness fanatics have probably done this at some time or another!    I know I certainly have.  This demise of your good intentions...
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Seven things to consider for your first yoga class
So you’ve finally decided to take your first yoga class!  Congratulations on investing in you! It is quite a courageous move.  You may have been thinking about it for a long...
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What’s in a Bikram yoga class?
A Bikram Yoga class is quite a different experience from what a lot of people may expect from a yoga class and there are reasons for this of course. There’s no OMMING, chanting, no...
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Change your body? What if choice was the start?
I once went to an investment seminar and although the content was all about being financially free, I came away with a great confirmation about what happens or doesn’t happen with our...
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No pain no gain - is that actually a myth?
Having already practiced yoga at home for decades, I trained to become a Bikram Yoga teacher in 1997.  This was a turning point in my life as I realised that more than anything...
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Wake up with Yoga
I was the tender age of 16 when I believe my awakening journey started. My sister had thrown some yoga books in the kitchen bin and I fished them out and started applying what I was...
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Yoga tips and a new way to think about your body

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro yogi or yogini, I hope you will find some great info to bring more enjoyment and result from your practice.

You may find you have new awareness about your body and mind…


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